Arelli Yorkies

An Arelli Yorkshire Terrier is one POSH POOCH!

The name Arelli was chosen because it derives from "Golden Lion" and that is exactly what they think they are, all packaged up in a small bundle.

They are born to shop... Born to be spoiled and most of all born to be loved.

My story started a few years ago when it was finally my turn to choose. Yorkies had always appealed to me and so my mind was set. What I didn't realize was that finding that special puppy would be so difficult. I wanted a compact cobby body, slightly shorter nose with a baby doll face...and on the smaller side.


Finally I met Cara-Lee and my search ended.

There in front of me was the cutest puppy I have ever seen...It was love at first sight!!

We nicknamed her "Biskit" From there it has become my passion and I would like to share with you the possibility of owning one of these marvelous, tenacious yet at the same time very loving, loyal dogs.


We then kept Biskit's first daughter Rosie who has blossomed into the most gorgeous adult .

She has such a loving and silly personality.

Her face as you can see is irresistible and her coat...well she has plenty of coat.

The kindest most gentle Yorkie you could wish to meet.

Harley D

Last year we acquired Harley D.

Boy he's gorgeous with the most delightful temperament and only 1.4kgs.

Stud services will be available to approved females

Our Aim at Arelli is to produce wonderful healthy puppies that will bring you as much joy as mine have to me.

All our puppies are expected to mature between 1.3 and 2kgs.